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Hobby Talk: 4 Mood Boosters to Try at Home

2020 has been a very unusual and difficult year for many people. We’ve been stuck at home for much of the year, uncertain of what the future will bring. These circumstances can cause stress and worry. But there are activities you can do at home to improve your mood and make your time more enjoyable. Below are my recommendations for four easy and entertaining hobbies you can try from the comfort of your home.

1. Take up an instrument.

Music is a great way to improve your mood. Learning a new instrument can be a fun and rewarding activity with little outside pressure. Play an instrument when you feel like it or set it aside when you don’t. YouTube is a great resource for free music tutorials and musical inspiration. There are many instruments, both portable and affordable, that you can play from home. Below are my recommendations for easy instruments you can start right away.

- ukulele

- guitar

- kalimba

- harmonica

2. Make your own wall art.

If you’re at home a lot, your physical environment can impact your mood. One way to improve your spirits is to make your own art. You can draw your own illustrations or cut pictures out of magazines. Find or create images that inspire you. You can find simple photo frames online or at your local dollar store. Below are the supplies I used to make some minimalist wall art.

- old picture frames

- black markers

- magazine clippings

- wall hanging strips

3. Garden.

Watching your plants grow over time can be a very rewarding and positive experience. Taking care of something daily can also give you purpose and motivation. If you are looking to save money at the market, plant herbs, spices, fruits, or veggies that you can use for cooking later. I recommend the below plants, as they seem to grow quickly and easily.

- basil

- dill

- cilantro

- shishito peppers

4. Cook something from scratch.

Cooking from scratch can feel like a grand accomplishment, especially if you rarely cook on your own. It can also be a nice group activity for your family. Follow a recipe or make your own creation using what you have available at home. Below are some of my favorites.

- fluffy souffle omelet

- skillet pizza

- crispy chicken strips

- homemade jam





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